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GET IT embed agriculture in its solar power parks. No matter if it is traditional agriculture, advanced cattle breeding or the in house developed hydroponics. Power Plants are build 4-meter-high, so the space created underneath the panels can be fully utilized for the production of food, or other activities.  The in house developed hydroponics has been proved to be not only a safe and efficient way to grow vegetables, but also reduce the water intake with 72% compared to traditional agriculture.

Plant design:

GET IT designs the solar power plants in small, independent units.  This give us not only the flexibillity during planning and construction, but also minimize the energy losses during production due to the fact that cables are simply shorter  when small inverters and small transformers are used. In case a problem occurs only a very small part of a power plant is out of production.

Plant monitoring:

Our plant design and monitoring software, is able to enshure maximum production time.  If there is a error during production, it is easy to identify the problem, but also easy to repare/ change the failing unit within 30 minutes.


Reliable, Social and extreme Environmental friendly solar power parks, that benefits the local society where it is installed by providing energy, food and labor and national grids.